Mexico City, an ideal place to start a process

Surrogacy is allowed and regulated

Mexico City does not have specific legislation on Surrogacy but there is no prohibition to perform the process. Since year 2016, this state of Mexico has experience and judicial sentences that guarantee the legality of the process.
The agreements with the surrogate mother are signed before a notary, and a judicial process is then initiated that will sentence the filiation of the baby in the name of the intended parents.
The baby will automatically obtain Mexican nationality and will be able to obtain a Mexican passport. Depending on the legislation of the parents’ country, the baby will be able to obtain their nationality.

Newborn's Civil Registry

Intended parents will be the only that will appear on the baby's birth certificate.
Therefore, the surrogate mother will not have any rights over the newborn, asserting the rights of the intended parents.

Top level fertility clinics

Mexico City is the place where the main fertility centers in Mexico are located. Many patients from the United States decide to travel to this city for fertility treatments, thanks to very competitive prices.

Mexico City is a place that concentrates most of the fertility clinics in Mexico.

On the other hand, the delivery takes place in a private hospital, so in case of complications in the delivery or premature birth, the hospital has all the technical and human means to make everything go well.

Fertility clinic in Mexico City

Fertility and reproductive health clinic
The professionals of the Inovavita clinic have more than 15 years of experience, and have achieved the dream of being parents to many marriages. More information...

Mexico City, a place to visit

Mexico is one of the most attractive countries in the world to visit. Its capital is Mexico City, with its rich heritage and historical importance. In addition, it is a very modern and populated city. The language spoken is Spanish.
Mexico City has a population of approximately 22 million people, making it one of the 5 most populated cities in the world. Mexico City was founded on August 13, 1521 and has a network of some 160 museums, competing directly with London.
Among the most interesting places to visit are the Plaza El Zocalo, the Cathedral of Mexico, the National Palace of Mexico in the Zocalo, the Templo Mayor in the Zocalo, the Palace and museums in Alameda Central, and many other places and monuments.
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