Transport, accommodation, follow-up and legal processes

Transport and accommodation

All our programs include transportation within Mexico City. Included are: airport pickup, transportation to the hotel, clinic and maternity home. Also, depending on the chosen program, accommodation is included in the first trip or in the first and last trip.

Accommodation included

Accommodation on first and last trip
All programs include accommodation in the first stay in Mexico City, and the VIP programs also include accommodation for up to 30 days in the last trip.

Legal support and paperwork

We offer comprehensive counseling to our intended parents from start to finish, including the necessary medical tests before the process starts and the required documentation at the beginning of the program and after birth.

Our legal department will take care of the legalization and translation of all the documents required by both the civil registry and the consulate. All our programs include the procedures for obtaining a passport the baby.

Civil registry and consulate

Paperwork after birth
The baby will obtain Mexican nationality, as Mexico obtains mexican citizenship by birth. Depending on the country of the intended parents, the baby may also be able to obtain the nationality of the intended parents without leaving Mexico.

24-hour emergency assistance

During your stays in Mexico City you will have 24 hours assistance in your language. With the VIP program, you will have a mobile phone with a Mexican SIM card.

Paediatrician at home

Pediatric care at home
The first few weeks are basic to the baby's health and knowledge. With the VIP program, your baby will receive pediatric care at home.
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